625-Hour Licensure Programs

The 625-Hour Program prepares students for the Massage & Bodywork Licensure Examination (MBLEx). We have a 100% pass rate on the MBLEx exam.

There are three schedule options:


Part-Time Program: 10 Months

Next Start: October 27, 2023


Classes meet every other Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9:00 am – 6:30 pm for the first four class weekends, then just Saturday and Sunday for the rest of the program.



Fast Track Program: 3 Months + 21-Day Holistic Entrepreneur Immersion

Next Start: TBD


Classes meet Monday through Friday, 9am-4:30pm



Study Abroad Licensure Program

Next Start: TBD


Join us for your massage therapy education at an all-inclusive location in Todos Santos, Mexico. CLICK HERE for more information.

625-hour Essentials

Our 625-hour program gives you a firm foundation from which you can build your artistic craft, individualizing your work to become a reflection of yourself as a clinician and a healer.


Massage Therapy Essentials

90 hours

+ Essentials Seminar Series

15 hours

Awareness Through Touch

15 hours

Pain Management Techniques

60 hours

Asian Bodywork

50 hours

Energy Techniques

21 hours

Associated Sciences

125 hours

Optional Cadaver Lab

2 hours


40 hours

Ergonomics and Structural Evaluation

18 hours

Foot Reflexology

9 hours

Hydrotherapy and Topical Therapies

9 hours

Psychology of Structure

6 hours


6 hours

Entrepreneurial Skills

15 hours

Ethics and Rapport

13 hours

Exam Preparation

9 hours


91 hours

Professional Coaching

15 hours

Independent Outreach Project

18 hours