750-Hour Program

The 750 Hour Program is a higher level credential, which demonstrates a deeper commitment to the profession, and may offer graduates an advantage in job searches. The 750-Hour Curriculum combines the 625-Hour Program with the 125-Hour Program


There are two options:

Full-Time: 9-Month Program – Next Start: Fall, 2022

Part-Time Program: 15-months – Next Start: April 29, 2022


  • First Attend 625-Hour Licensure Program Full or Part-Time
  • Then continue with 125-Hour Part-Time Classes on Tuesday & Wednesday Evenings from 5:30 – 9:00 pm for 18 weeks


Students can get their Massage License and work in the field while studying the 125-Hour Program

    625-hour Essentials

    Our 625-hour program gives you a firm foundation from which you can build your artistic craft, individualizing your work to become a reflection of yourself as a clinician and a healer.


    Massage Therapy Essentials

    90 hours

    + Essentials Seminar Series

    15 hours

    Awareness Through Touch

    15 hours

    Pain Management Techniques

    60 hours

    Asian Bodywork

    50 hours

    Energy Techniques

    21 hours

    Associated Sciences

    125 hours

    Optional Cadaver Lab

    2 hours


    40 hours

    Ergonomics and Structural Evaluation

    18 hours

    Foot Reflexology

    9 hours

    Hydrotherapy and Topical Therapies

    9 hours

    Psychology of Structure

    6 hours


    6 hours

    Entrepreneurial Skills

    15 hours

    Ethics and Rapport

    13 hours

    Exam Preparation

    9 hours


    91 hours

    Professional Coaching

    15 hours

    Independent Outreach Project

    18 hours



    125-hour Curriculum at a Glance


    Asian Energetics

    18 hours

    Cupping, Gua Sha and Ear Reflexology

    Myofacial Release

    21 hours

    Geriatric and Oncology Massage

    21 hours

    Sports Massage and Injury Recovery

    23 hours

    Introduction to Structural Integration

    21 hours

    Cranial Sacral Techniques

    21 hours