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Life as a BMTI Student

By Nicole Kipp   |   September 18, 2020


Are you interested in going to massage school?  What would your days be like? What will you learn? You have come to the right place! Read on to get a feel for life as a massage school student at BMTI.


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nicole, and I am a BMTI graduate and licensed massage therapist. Prior to attending BMTI, I was working as an esthetician for 6 years. I wanted more options for work, to become more well rounded. It was as if something kept tapping me on the shoulder and running away before I could see what was there. Eventually I stumbled upon BMTI and massage therapy. Could that be what was tapping me on the shoulder all along? Massage is a great addition to esthetics. With more tools in my toolbox, I could help more people with their daily struggles, whether it be stress, neck pain, acne, or sciatica. And so my massage therapy journey began at the Boulder Massage Therapy Institute!


Enough about me, let’s dive into BMTI.


Massage school is a little bit like jumping on Miss Frizzle’s magic school bus and diving deep into the body. Science classes provide oodles of information in an applicable (thank goodness!) way. Hands-on classes set the stage for learning even more about the body, including how to take care of others as well as yourself. Business and ethics classes prepare you with the skills to hop right into a job seamlessly. Energy classes provide grounding and presence for holding space in your future practice. While the magic school bus of massage school is crashing and thrashing through the body, BMTI provides a safe environment with tons of support. Amazing support from faculty, administrators, mentors, and graduates. Massive amounts of learning and support equals massive amounts of growth. With so many modalities in a well rounded program, you are sure to find what speaks to you.


Think about your “why” before making the commitment. What is it about massage therapy that has been calling you? Maybe it’s the opportunity of a flexible schedule. Perhaps it’s the desire to help and nurture others. Maybe it’s a fantastic addition to a trade or skill you already possess. Unsure of what is drawing you toward massage therapy? BMTI’s programs will help provide clarity along the way.


You’ll have some long nights studying anatomy and muscle origins, insertions, and actions. You’ll read and write papers and research articles (don’t let that scare you- you CAN do it!). You’ll invest time in perfecting your full-body flow and techniques for pain management. You might even have a tiny breakdown two weeks in, like I did, and ask yourself, “Can I even do this?!” Don’t forget about work, kids, family, and daily life. You see where I’m going with this… it’s a lot. But you’ll grow… and it’s AMAZING.


As you dive into massage school, you’ll need some key tips for success:


  1. Keep your “why” at the forefront of your brain (and a sticky note on your mirror or visor!). It can be tough to juggle school with your personal life and work, and you’ll want to remind yourself why you’re doing this.
  2. Be prepared to get up close and personal with your classmates, too! From spending hours with them every day to palpating bony landmarks and trading sessions, they’re going to become some of your closest friends, throughout this program and beyond!
  3. Make time for YOU. This program will get tough, and you’ll need to be patient with yourself and stay focused. Self-care is SO important throughout school and throughout your career as a licensed massage therapist.
  4. This will open up new doors for your life and career. Be open to exploring all options. I would not be where I am today if I hadn’t made the decision to commit to becoming a massage therapist with BMTI.


Life as a student at BMTI is a wild, unforgettable, life-changing ride. You’ll leave this program with a new career, a wealth of knowledge, immense self-growth, and (truly) a step above the rest. No matter what your “why” may be, BMTI is the place to explore, grow, and set your stage for success. What are you waiting for?