Alexis Dupuis-Le Blanc

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Alexis Dupuis-Le Blanc

Alexis Dupuis-Le Blanc is a Canadian Osteopath, graduating with his D.O.M.P with honors from the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal, receiving the Andrew Taylor Still Award for Best Qualitative Research in the Field of Osteopathy.  He began practicing osteopathy in Canada in 2012, and in 2015 co-founded the Clinique Intégrative d’Ostéopathie in Quebec, Canada. Their mission was to offer the highest quality of patient-centric care in a multidisciplinary environment with collaborating professionals offering many types of complementary treatments and procedures.


Prior to his osteopath training, Alexis spent over a decade as a professional ballet dancer in Europe, performing in France, Switzerland and Germany.  He was first exposed to the benefits of osteopathy as a performance athlete, which led to his development as a manual therapist and his eventual licensing as a massage therapist (L.M.T.).  


Alexis has completed a wide variety of post-graduate certifications, including but not limited to Endo-cranial Spasms (Philippe Durelle, D.O.M.P.), Biodynamics (René Brien D.O.), Meta-osteopathy (Zachary Comeaux D.O.), Seated-facet Release Techniques (Karen Steel D.O.) and Structured Functional Adjustments (David Lachaize D.O.).  His extensive training has help him develop a unique approach to athlete treatment and body work.


Having recently relocated to Colorado, Alexis is thrilled to open his practice at Boulder Biologics.  As a wholistic therapist, he avoids focusing solely on symptoms and instead directs his attention to the entire system, using mainly manual bodywork as a non-physician osteopath to promote the body’s capacity to restore itself to health.  He approaches each athlete with the goal of restoring functionality to human mechanics.


Outside of the clinic, Alexis enjoys ultra-trail running, having recently completed the Silverton Ultra 50/50. He is also a new CrossFit athlete and loves swing dancing in his free time, along with enjoying all of Colorado’ beautiful nature.