Ashley Marie


Ashley W. Marie

Ashley Marie is most interested in unleashing her superpowers through the Eastern medical arts, food as medicine, plant intelligence, brain health & performance, circadian regulation, natural movement, sound sleep, healthy relationships, spiritual practice, imagination, and play.

Essentially, she wants to be a better human being and wants to help you too.

Ashley Marie uses Chinese & Japanese acupuncture techniques, moxibustion, osteopathic palpation, cupping, and manual therapies including shiatsu, tuina and sotai ho, as well as Ayurvedic lifestyle wisdom.

Ashley’s medicine is warm, gentle & strong, precise, and focuses on deep listening of the body and mind.


4-year Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College Mentorships with Jeffrey Dann & Dr. Bharat Vaidya
Specialized trainings in Japan

Fields of Interest

Neuroscience, sports medicine, sleep, traumatic brain injury, skincare, women’s health, digestion, and the cultivation of a long vibrant healthspan.