Message from Melinda

Dear Prospective Students,

Why do we go to Massage School?


Well, there is the Intellectual Answer…

Because Massage Therapists are in high demand. We can be found in hospitals, chiropractic offices, physical therapy, sports fields to name a few. People are realizing the true healing potential of this industry and you will discover it for yourself on an intellectual level through our depth of science classes and then on a personal level in your own body in our hands-on classes.


Create your own Adventure

Whether you decide to work for a spa in the mountains, a hospital in the city, a community office space, your own private practice, a festive cruise ship, or start a mobile massage on an island in Greece – you choose. You create your craft.


And then there is the Answer from the Heart…

Because we want to help people heal themselves. We want to be a part of their inspiration for change, evolution, and growth.


Because we have that inner calling that says, “I can initiate real change in the world.” Because we day dream a world where everyone feels loved, nurtured, accepted, safe. I can shine my inner light in the world and inspire others to light up as well.


But what you don’t know yet….

Is that light is so much brighter than you know. Having bodywork everyday while you are in school, brings so much healing to your own body, mind, spirit. You will fuel that inner fire, shed what no longer serves, and learn to show up for not only others, but yourself.

Are you ready? Ready to learn the science, heart, and craft of massage?


We are ready for You here at BMTI. Ready to give you the best education, the greatest transformation, and ignite that fire within. Make an appointment today to meet your new massage school family!


In love and gratitude,

Melinda Besse