Continuing Education

Elevate and Expand your Craft

*Individual courses open to LMT’s or graduates of BMTI’s 625-hour program

*Classes held one evening a week for 3.5 hours over 6 weeks (all classes held 5:30pm – 9:00 pm).

*Take just one class, or the entire series for a 125-hour certificate (and save $250)


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Asian Energetics – 18 hours

This course offers adjunct therapies to be used in conjunction with any hands-on techniques to complement massage sessions.

Cupping and Gua Sha

  • These two ancient Asian methods can be utilized to enhance any massage session while being gentle on the therapist’s hands. Cupping helps move stagnant energy stuck deep in the muscles while Gua Sha invigorates circulation by increasing blood flow to the surface of the skin. Both help stimulate pain relief and quicken recovery with little physical effort on the part of the therapist.

Auricular Therapy (Ear Reflexology)

  • Similar to the foot, the ear has reflex points that mirror the entire body, plus special ‘master’ points for overall well-being and stress-reduction. Students will learn the map of the ear and how to stimulate the points for enhanced, longer lasting sessions.


6 weeks ~ $360 plus $60 materials fee (cupping set, gua sha and auricular tools) ~ Starts Spring 2021

18 NCBTMB CE Units


Myofacial Release – 21 hours 

Myofascial Release technique involves applying gentle sustained pressure to the connective tissue that surrounds musculature, helping release restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. An effective addition to any massage therapy session.

6 weeks ~ $420 ~ Starts Spring 2021

21 NCBTMB CE Units 


Oncology and Geriatric Massage – 21 hours

Massage should be adapted for medically frail people including elders and people living with cancer. Whether clients are currently undergoing cancer treatment, or have in the past, or they have health complications because of old age, massage therapists need to be comfortable with the condition, and understand what kinds of adaptations can be made.  Course will include a practice clinic with at least one client who is living with cancer or an elder.

6 weeks ~ $420 ~ Starts Spring 2021

21 NCBTMB CE Units


Sports Massage and Injury Recovery – 23 hours 

Techniques are taught to use on athletes before, during and after their events, or as maintenance for prevention of injury and increased athletic performance.

6 weeks, plus one clinic working on athletes ~ $460 ~ Starts Spring 2021

23 NCBTMB CE Units


Introduction to Structural Integration – 21 hours

Based on the Ida P Rolf method, students are introduced to the principles and theory of Structural Integration. Basic concepts and techniques of lengthening and realigning the fascia will be taught. Applying these methods allows the body to shift more easily into alignment, allowing muscles to move more freely and efficiently.

6 weeks ~ $420 ~ Starts Spring 2021

21 NCBTMB CE Units


Cranial-Sacral Techniques – 21 hours

Students learn how to use gentle, yet powerful touch to work the synarthrodial joints of the cranium, spine and pelvis to help release deep trauma, regulate the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, alleviate headaches and chronic pain. A useful tool on its own or integrate into massage sessions.

6 weeks ~ $420 ~ Starts Spring 2021

21 NCBTMB CE Units