Continuing Education

Elevate and Expand your Craft



Individual courses open to LMT’s or graduates of BMTI’s 625-hour program

Classes held one evening a week for 3.5 hours over 6 weeks (all classes held 5:30pm – 9:00 pm).

Take just one class, or the entire series for a 125-hour certificate (and save $250)


Gretchen Popp

Neuromuscular Cupping Therapy – 18 hours

Description coming soon


6 weeks ~ $360 plus $90 materials fee (cupping sets)

Wednesdays, 5:30-8:30pm beginning September 14, 2022

18 NCBTMB CE Units

Nate Cuddihy-Garner, MS, LMT, CPT

Sports Massage & Myofacial Release – 23 hours 

Techniques are taught to use on athletes before, during and after their events, or as maintenance for prevention of injury and increased athletic performance.

Myofascial Release technique involves applying gentle sustained pressure to the connective tissue that surrounds musculature, helping release restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. An effective addition to any massage therapy session.


6 weeks, plus one race working on athletes ~ $460

Mondays, 5:30-9:00pm + 1 Sunday race event, beginning September 12, 2022

23 NCBTMB CE Units 


Elyssa Wright, DC, CACCP

Craniosacral Techniques – 21 hours

Description Coming Soon


Wednesdays, 5:30-9:00pm beginning November 2, 2022

21 NCBTMB CE Units


Jeanne Mitchell, LMT, CIMT

Pregnancy Massage – 21 hours

Learn the basics of the art and science of massage for more than one person at a time – pregnancy massage! You will learn to bring the many benefits of massage therapy to healthy pregnant people and their babies. We will explore the whys and hows of safe client positioning options through pregnancy’s trimesters. You will learn hands-on techniques to address the most common head-to-toe pregnancy complaints including headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, rib, back and pelvic pain. This is an introductory course for working with healthy pregnant people. We will touch on high risk conditions and complications so you know when to refer to a certified prenatal massage therapist, as well as more educational opportunities to expand your professional practice. This class is fun and appropriate for all therapists whether you want to expand your creativity and confidence with sidelying positioning safe for all your clients, be confidently ready for an occasional pregnant client in your practice, or begin a path specializing in pre- and perinatal massage therapy.


6 weeks ~ $420 

Mondays, 5:30-9:00pm beginning January 2, 2023

21 NCBTMB CE Units

Nikki Olsen, Certified Advanced Rolfer, LMT

Introduction to Structural Integration



Description coming soon.




6 weeks, $420

Mondays, 5:30-9:00pm beginning October 31, 2022

21 NCBTMB CE Units

Jess Crutchfield, RYT, Thai Bodyworker

Thai Massage: Art & Principles – 21 hours

Thai Massage, also known as Thai Bodywork, is an ancient healing art, said to have originated before the time of the Buddha. Often called the “lazy man’s yoga”, the receiver is passive and the practitioner stretches and compresses their body with assisted stretches, gentle twisting, rocking, tractioning, and energy work through the breath. When offering Thai Massage, we draw from thousands of years of healing, and incorporate elements of acupressure, massage, and deep muscle work through bodyweight mechanics. This helps the receiver to relax into the parasympathetic nervous system to naturally release blocked energy held in the body. This is a holistic practice which is designed to bring the body, mind, and spirit back to balance, and to ignite the body’s natural abilities to heal. It is an excellent compliment to both active lifestyles, and to lifestyles where one does not get enough movement.

6 weeks ~ $420

Wednesdays, 5:30-9:00pm beginning January 4, 2023

21 NCBTMB CE Units