Immerse Yourself in Our 650-Hour Program: Crafting Expert Therapists Through In-Depth, Holistic Curriculum!

Massage Therapy Essentials – 90 hours

The focus is on how to give a thorough, skilled full-body Swedish style massage. Basic strokes, flow, pace, bolstering, client communication and discreet draping for patient comfort are taught. Emphasis is placed on each student’s own body as they give massage to ensure their own good practices for longevity in the field. Plus:

Essentials Seminar Series - 15 hours

Mini-seminars on hot stone massage, spa menu, pregnancy massage, chair massage and massage for oncology patients and special populations.

Awareness Through Touch – 15 hours

Each body has the same muscles and bones, yet each is unique. Through hands-on exploration and exercises, students acquire increased sensitivity to the individual client and how to adjust touch and techniques accordingly, making an ordinary massage extraordinary. Students learn how to non-verbally listen to their client.

Pain Management Techniques – 60 hours

This course introduces techniques such as neuromuscular technique (NMT) and trigger point therapy, myofacial release and deep tissue to help alleviate pain due to injuries, repetitive motion syndromes, holding patterns, etc.

Asian Bodywork – 50 hours

This course offers a view of the body from the Asian perspective. Techniques are learned on how to correct energetic imbalances for decreased pain and increased vitality.

Associated Sciences-Two Parts – 125 Total

1) Anatomy and Kinesiology – 85 hours:

We don’t believe that learning anatomy online, in lecture format, or even making muscles out of clay can give you the same high skill set that you will gain from our Living Anatomy and Kinesiology course. Book knowledge comes to life with hands-on discovery of muscles on live bodies in class. This coupled with movement and other kinesthetic exercises, allows students to feel and find the muscles in others and in their own bodies!

2) Physiology – 40 hours

The way in which a living organism or bodily part functions.

Ergonomics and Structural Evaluation – 18 hours

Exploration of how body patterning, along with work and life ergonomics affect the structure of both the therapist and client.

Therapist: Correct use of body is emphasized in addition to increasing students’ awareness of their own structural holding patterns. The foundation is taught here and reinforced in all hands-on classes.

Client: Students will learn how to identify and interpret musculoskeletal and breath holding patterns in their clients. Neutral language for client awareness is emphasized.

How work and life ergonomics, including sleep patterns, affect the structure of both the therapist and client.

Therapist – Proper body mechanics are essential to avoid therapist burn-out. Correct use of hands and body are emphasized in addition to increasing students’ awareness of their own structural holding patterns. The foundation is taught here and reinforced in all hands-on classes.

Client – Students will learn how to identify and interpret musculoskeletal and breath holding patterns in their clients. How to evaluate a client’s day-to-day work and home ergonomics will also be covered, as will how to bring this awareness to clients for lasting benefit.

Foot Reflexology – 9 hours

This course teaches the geography of the foot, as the map for the entire body. You will learn techniques to be able to give a complete Reflexology session, and incorporate them into a full body massage.

Pathology – 40 hours

Study of the nature, origin and course of common diseases with an emphasis on those most applicable in the massage therapy setting.

Energy Techniques – 21 hours

Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Polarity Therapy are among the energy techniques discussed.  Students will explore their own energetic body while learning hands-on techniques to support and deepen musculoskeletal sessions.

OPTIONAL: Introduction to Cadaver Studies - 2 hours

Interested students may sign up to study the human body in this two-hour elective course taken at an off-campus facility. Differentiating tissue types along with a musculoskeletal model will be introduced and tailored to the interests of the group.

Hydrotherapy and Topical Therapies– 9 hours

Guidelines for the therapeutic use of hot and cold applications for a massage therapy practice and self-care for the massage therapist and client.
How to choose and safely use essential oils and carrier oils to enhance massage therapy treatments.

Self-Health – 6 hours

Longevity in the field begins with the therapist’s self-care as they give to others. Strategies and techniques are discussed and practiced as are potential hygiene concerns for both client and therapist.

Psychology of Structure – 6 hours

Exploration of how structure and holding patterns are formed by thoughts, energy and emotions.

Entrepreneurial Skills – 15 hours

The entire program prepares students to be successful in the evolving field of massage therapy. Specifics such as licensing, insurance, basic bookkeeping and marketing strategies are covered. Students will learn about the various work options to help them choose the path that is right for them.

Ethics and Rapport – 13 hours

Ethics topics such as confidentiality, patient referrals, and professional boundaries are covered. Communication skills to effectively talk about massage and broach challenging topics with patients will be taught along side developing effective listening skills to best meet each client’s needs.

Exam Preparation – 9 hours

The MBLEx is the national standard licensing exam and is required in many states in order to practice massage (Colorado included). This course will cover testing strategies and skills, MBLEx format and computer adaptive testing, memory and study skills, licensing steps in detail, and what to expect on test day.

Clinic – 90 hours

Students graduate skilled, confident and successful by performing massages in the school’s on-campus clinic. You will receive a real-life workplace experience by massaging in private rooms. Experiment and practice what you’ve learned in class with the support of an instructor nearby. Students will gain confidence and obtain immediate feedback and guidance by seeing a wide variety of clients who can range from 18 – 96 years old!

All the necessities for running a private clinic, working in a spa or medical setting, including proper medical charting, pacing of sessions, scheduling, and reception skills are addressed. Students get a mentorship experience with just one supervisor to 3-4 students..

Professional Coaching – 15 hours

Students develop a relationship with a licensed massage therapist who will become their mentor. Time together can be spent observing, working on, and picking the brains (and hands!) of the an experienced practitioner.

Independent Outreach Project – 18 hours

To help prepare students in becoming successful entrepreneurs, they will prepare and deliver a presentation to the audience of their choice.

Life Mastery – 25 hours

Being a successful student of massage therapy as well as a professional in the field requires mastery of certain life skills. In this course, we will teach them to have a growth mindset, acquire effective study skills and habits, develop time management skills, and come up with a study plan for the course of their school time and for passing the MBLEx.