Deane Juhan Workshop

Boulder Massage Therapy Institute is proud to host: 


Deane Juhan


The Trager Approach®

Author of Job’s Body

Workshop: Treating the Spine: Fundamentals of Trager® with Resistance and Release Work.

Date: September 5th – 8th, 2019. Time: 9am-6pm. Break from 12-1:30. 

Cost: $600 

Where: Boulder Massage Therapy Institute


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Treating the Spine:

Fundamentals of Trager® with Resistance and Release Work.

The spine is one of the most important structures in our anatomy.  It is the central axis of the body; it is largely responsible for all movements of the head and neck, the torso, and the low back and hips; it supports and stabilizes all movements of the arms and legs; it is our deepest skeletal core that protects the spinal cord from injury; and it connects the head and the sacrum in a variety of ways—the bones of the spinal column, the spinal cord, and the extensive ligaments and muscles that bridge the two.


It is also our most complex structure.  Skeletally it includes all 25 vertebrae and all 24 ribs; its musculature—from the extensive outer erector spinae to the deepest and smallest rotatores—contains more layers and vectors of movement than any other part of the body; the musculature of the arms is tied to every vertebra; and the quadratus lumborum, the abdominals and the ilio-psoas complex tie the spine and rib cage directly to the pelvis and the legs.


The fundamentals of The Trager Approach® involves gentle, rhythmic and pleasurable rocking, shimmering, and elongating of the muscular and connective tissues.  This process results both in the deep relaxation of the entire system and in the greatly enhanced sensory awareness of the body and its details. These effects are of primary importance: if the client cannot feel his or her body they cannot change it, and if old patterns of holding are not alleviated then the body is not free to change.


The relaxation and heightened sensory aware are half of my therapeutic approach—old patterns are erased from the blackboard of our accumulated restrictions  The other half==Resistance and Release Work—is my mutually active involvement with the client. Using traction or compression, I set up a specific vector of resistance and coach the client through the slow and sustained shortening and lengthening of the extensive synergistic muscle fibers that actively oppose that resistance.  The result is a dramatic improvement of the muscular coordination involved in the effort—new patterns written on the blackboard. This work is my own extension of Dr. Trager’s work, and I have been developing and refining it for fifteen years. It’s immediate and lasting effectiveness has been the most rewarding aspect of my own work throughout all those years of discovery, development and refinement.


Students who practice other modalities, and have found Trager fundamentals and Resistance and Release Work to be a significant addition to their skills include teachers and practitioners of yoga, Gyrotonics, Pilates, Cranio-Sacral, personal trainers, chiropractic, physical therapy, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Rolfing and Postural Integration, acupuncturists, and medical physicians.


This workshop will include slides and lecture for anatomy review, demonstrations of the work, and supervised practice at the tables.  Please wear light and brief clothing for the tablework—shorts, bra or chemise top for women. Please no thick clothing or tight spandex leggings or tops.


For more information about The Trager Approach, please visit trager.com.  For articles, interviews and videos of my own work, please visit jobsbody.com.