Boulder Massage Therapy Institute is proud to host: 


Thai Bodywork Partner Workshop: Creating a Loving Connection


Saturday, February 12, 2022     |     7:00 – 9:00 PM MST     |     CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


About this event


Create a deepened loving connection between you and your partner through the ancient healing art of Thai Bodywork.

In this workshop we will intentionally shift from a heightened state to a receptive state with our partners. Join us with the guidance of our Thai practitioner, breathworker, and coach Jess Crutchfield as we learn through Thai Bodywork flows for you to both give and receive. This workshop requires no prior experience with Thai Bodywork, though it is recommended you come with a partner so that our content can be practiced with your pre-established connection.

$120 per couple/pair

$100 per couple/pair for BMTI students/alumni/staff

Paid to @jesscrutchfield on Venmo with transaction comment “partner workshop 2/12” through friends/family, not goods/services — or paid here through eventbrite.

Ticket prices increase by $20 two days before the event, 2/10 at 6:30pm. Get your tickets now!

Payment AND Registration secures your spot in the class.


In this 2 hour partner workshop…

* We will connect to ourself and to our partner through movement and breath

* We will unwind some of our stuck patterns in the body and mind through bodywork techniques including compression, stretching, range of motion, and more.

* This is an experiential class – no note-taking will be necessary and Jess will provide a summary PDF of our class sequence at finish.

* Dress in loose clothing and bring layers (givers will get warm/receivers will get cool!). No other materials necessary. Thai Bodywork is a practice done on mats on the floor with no oils. It’s also advised to be well-hydrated before arrival and to avoid eating a meal within 2 hours of class time.

*All levels welcome, no experience of yoga or bodywork necessary – but even those with experience can benefit from these foundational practices.





YOGA with Jess


Thursday mornings from 7:30-8:30am


Thursday morning yoga for centering, self-awareness-building, and energizing you for the day ahead.
Each class will be attuned to the group and incorporate aspects from a variety of modalities including yoga, breath work, consciousness, mind-body connection, and trauma releasing techniques. This will truly be a unique, evolving experience, for you to develop a deeper connection to YOU.
Some practices Jess will include in these yoga classes:
– Relieving stress, anxiety, and tension through Gentle yoga and restorative postures
– Building stability and strength through Hatha Yoga
– Internal fire building and cleansing release through Kriya Yoga
– Breakdowns through mindfulness for even the simplest of things, like how to sit and how to breathe
– Mantra, meditation, energy moving, conscious living, mindful movement, and more
Let this class become a consistent framework for your week. Dive in, and let it inform your living. May you be vitalized and in-tune with the practices. Jess is here in partnership for your health and well-being and will create the container for you in your own journey of self-discovery.
These classes are accessible for anyone at any level: a returning yogi wishing to broaden their awareness and embody a beginner’s mindset, or a person just starting out who’s curious to ease pain/stress/gain flexibility… truly, anyone! Let the Healing Begin!


Flow It Out- Yoga with Amanda


Friday mornings from 7:45-8:45am


Join us for Friday morning yoga, centering and energizing you for the day ahead.
Inside BMTI
3825 Iris Ave. Ste 310
$5 for BMTI members (students, alumni, faculty), $10 for community!