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Enjoy bodywork from one of our Licensed Massage Therapists at an affordable rate!


60 minutes for $60*

90 minutes for $90*

*Plus tip- Those working in graduate clinic are professionally licensed and greatly appreciate tips, as it is part of their compensation.

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Rachael Heisel


I am a licensed massage therapist and certified Reiki practitioner. In school I studied a variety of massage modalities which has led me to the integrative massage style that I have now. My goal with massage therapy is to help people feel more comfortable and at ease in their bodies. I enjoy working with those who are seeking deep relaxation to pain management. Through an initial assessment we can find the right plan of action for your needs!

Trigger Point Therapy, Pain Management, Full body and mind Relaxation, Swedish


Book with Rachael on Mondays!







Amitai Klitsner


Book with Amitai on Tuesday & Thursday mornings!


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Aspen Perlick

I am a Massage Therapist based in Boulder, Colorado. I practice heart-centered and energetic massage therapy, focusing on bringing each individual back to their core and centered being.


I work with an integrative approach to each treatment based on the needs of the client. I use techniques such as: Swedish, deep tissue, relaxation, trigger point, pain management / neuromuscular therapy, reflexology, energy work, shiatsu, and massage for mental health and stress regulation. Based on a goal-oriented focus, with these techniques the body can transform into a vital vessel, as it remembers its truest form.


Let’s embark on this healing journey together, explore ways to manage your pain, and promote a lifestyle that grants you that vitality.