Karen McMeans


Karen McMeans, C.R.

Karen is a “Structural” Reflexologist, specializing in foot pain, with over 30 years of experience, and practices in Colorado.


She has been Nationally Board Certified through the American Reflexology Certification Board, has been Certified through the International Institute of Reflexology in Fl., and was certified with the Laura Norman School of Reflexology, in N.Y.C.


Karen’s training is extensive. She began through the Boulder School of  Massage in 1987. Her Reflexology education continued for decades, including courses with Masters from around the world. Her studies range from International Foot Reflexology Techniques, to Hand and Ear Reflexology, Foot “Joint Mobilization and Loosening”, Foot Reading, Bio-Mechanics, Nursing course in Anatomy and Physiology, Gait analysis and Functional Evaluation of feet and legs, Meridian Therapy Reflexology, Reflexatsu, Color Therapy Reflexology, Reflexognosy, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Indian Champissage, Herbal and Homeopathy studies, and Laser Therapy.


Karen is a Past President, Vice-President and Activities Director of ARC, the Associated Reflexologists of Colorado.  Karen inaugurated a Reflexology program at Longmont United Hospital in 1995. She instructed Reflexology at the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Co. Taught at the Healing Spirits Massage School, Boulder, Colorado. Also instructed at the Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, Co. She designed self-help and family care Reflexology courses through the City of Loveland, City of Ft. Collins, City of Longmont and Taught a nurse’s Reflexology program at Longmont United Hospital. Through Longmont United Hospital, she was a Speaker for numerous health and wellness conventions and conferences.