Michele Kolakowski


Michele Kolakowski, LMT, CD & CPD (DONA), CLC

My devotion to the hands-on healing arts for women and their wee ones is simple. Touch is a fundamental human need and often lacking or missing all together in families, our communities and in our health care. Yet, it is the one of simplest, effective ways to positively influence this miracle with instant and lifetime positive influences for women, their wee ones and families. Over the years, my work has expanded to helping women get a sweet start in their womanhood and seeing them through their lifespan with less pain, more ease and awareness of themselves as vibrant women with amazing inner intelligence.

I am passionate about improving maternity and newborn care, one pregnancy, one birth and one new family at a time. Sanctuary Healing Arts offers postpartum doula care and massage therapy in Boulder County, Colorado and surrounding communities. I enjoy sharing my passion for maternity and infant massage therapy with my classes & talks at conferences, schools, spas and hospitals nationwide. I treasure the opportunity to help families, nurses, midwives and physicians improve family-centered care and interdisciplinary teamwork.