Other Programs

The Abbreviated Program. Become dual-licensed

By attending massage therapy school you will expand your scope of practice, enhance your skills and open your doors to a broader variety of clientele. The Boulder Massage Therapy Institute offers an abbreviated program for people enrolled in, or currently licensed and practicing in another health field. Students and licensees of acupuncture, nursing, physical therapy, etc., can transfer their science classes to BMTI and be exempt from attending and paying for those courses.


Depending on the training and how recent it was taken, additional discounts may be given for courses such as Ethics and  Entrepreneurial Skills.


Most commonly, credit is given for the theory part of the science courses. This reduces the 625-hour course load by 165 hours. This reduction is reflected in a lower tuition payment. Available in the full-time 5 month or part-time 10 month options.


Official transcripts and/or copy of active license must be provided for evaluation during the application process. Proof of current practice hours for licensees also required.

Please contact us for more information. 

Become a massage teacher

Is it time to take your bodywork career to the next level?

Have you always dreamed about teaching your passion?

Do you love sharing what you know?

Our Teacher Training Program is a way to learn the art of teaching massage and massage related courses in an apprentice style setting. If you are interested in this rare opporunity to learn from elders in the field, contact us to learn more.