Tuition and Fees

625-hour Licensure Program   

Application fee:                                                        $50

Tuition:                                                                $11,250

**Payment plans available   



750-hour Program 

This program includes both the 625-hour licensure program AND the 125-hour advanced program.


Application fee:                                                             $50

Tuition                                                                      $13,500

Combo Discount when booked at Enrollment  $13,000

**Payment Plans available


125-hour Advanced Program 

This program includes 125 hours of continuing education in massage therapy. This is open to licensed massage therapists. Classes can be booked all together for a discount (reflected below) or individually.


Application fee:                                        $25

Tuition:                                                 $2,250



Abbreviated Program Tuition

The Abbreviated Program applies to people currently licensed and practicing in another health field.


Abbreviated Licensure Program (625-hours)

Application fee:                                        $50

Tuition:                                                 $8,280



Abbreviated 750-hour Program

Application fee:                                       $50

Tuition:                                              $10,530



Other Fees:

Exam Prep: $75

Massage Table for Home & Sheets for Class

Two Professional Massages: $100-$200

Books: List given upon Enrollment

Transcript requests: $15

Optional Cadaver Lab: $60